PET Water Bottling Line

The process including blowing, filling and capping is to make the preform to bottle water

Scope of supply
Blower and filler and capper Monobloc, cap feeder, OPP labeller, coder, shrink film packer, palletizer, stretch wrapper, full bottle/pack conveyer, electrical control system etc.

Optional Equipment
Linear Blow moulder, Air Conveyer, sleeve labeller, carton packer etc    
1 Blower and filler and capper Monobloc
2 Cap Feeder/Washer
4 Conveyor
5 Dryer
6 Labeller
7 Coder
8 Film Shrink Packer
9 Palletizer

Water Treatment

Main Scope of Supply

Multi-media filter, activated carbon filter, softener, polishing filter, RO unit 1 or 2 pass, ultrafilter, chemical dosing device, ozoner, ultraviolet disinfection device, storage tanks, pumps and pipes, automatic control system etc.

Non-Carbonated Beverage PET Bottling Line

RCGF Series

High Speed Fruit Pulp, Juice Filling 4 in 1 Block

Blow moulder, air conveyer, UHT, cap sterilizing-elevating-unscrambling unit, rinser and filler and capper Monobloc, tilting, bottle sterilizer, bottle coder, drier, sleeve labeller, coder, shrink film packer, palletizer, stretch wrapper, full bottle/pack conveyor, electrical control system etc.
Optional Equipment
Homogenizer, automatic/manual unscrambling system, full-automatic bottle depalletizer, bottle silo, OPP labeller, carton packer, etc.

Non-Carbonated Beverage Glass Bottling Line

RCGF Series

Pulp Juice Filler Block for Glass

Crate depaletizer, decrater, crate washer, bottle washer, bottle pre-heater, UHT, cap sterilizing-elevating-unscrambling unit, tilter and crowner Monobloc, tilting bottle sterilizer, bottle cooler, labeller, coder, crate packer, crate palletizer, stretch wrapper, bottle/crate conveyer, electrical control system etc.
Optional Equipment
Homogeniser, full-automatic bottle depaletizer for new bittles etc.

Carbonated Soft Drink PET Line

FCGN Series

Filling accuracy – The filling accuracy can be 5-6 times higher compared to mechanical valves
Control Unit – Individually filling valve control for fast and slow filling and snifting. Each control unit is connected to central industrial computer via control bus, Adopt DCS system/CPU/PLC control, guaranteeing control precision and filling accuracy.
Periodical gas exhaust and fast and slow snifting prevent product foaming 15-18 degrees celcius, filling requirements and save energy
Simple internal filling valve chamber without springs ensure thorogh cleaning and sanitation. Automatic CIP cups are highly efficient.

Carbonated Soft Drink PET Bottling Line

Blow molder, Air conveyer, rinser, and filler and capper, Monobloc cap feeder, mixer, bottle warmer, OPP labeller, coder, shrink film packer, palletizer, stretch wrapper, full bottle/pack conveyer, electrical control system, etc.
Optional Equipment
Auto/manual unscrambling system, bottle silo, full-automatic bottle depalletizer, sleeve labeller, carton packer etc.

DBF Series Online Flow type Mixing

The mixer is composed of a vacuum deaerator, a CO2 injector, a plate heat exchanger, a finished product tank, an inline CO2 and Brix detector (optional), machine frame, electric cabinet, and other parts. The fully automatic control system consists of individual systems to control pressure. liquid level. temperature and other machine operation parameters such as Brix and gas volume.
•High efficiency deaeration system
Use CO2 to replace air before the water enters the deaeration tank. Special nozzles spout out high-speed water mist for a large water surface area, guaranteeing the deaeration result to reach - 0.94bar or above. Double Stage deaeration available.
•High.accuracy Brix control
The in-line adjustable water & syrup mixing system is made up of water pump, water mass flow meter, syrup pump, syrup mass flow meter, syrup regulation valve, and the control system. High Brix control accuracy is ±0.05Brix deviation or even better.
•Stable and accurate carbonation
Beverage Gas  Volume  online  adjustable,  accuracy  achieves
±0.1OGV, or even better (As per the pre-set GV=4.2).
•Lowest wastage
Maximum reduction of syrup wastage in production beginning or product changeover.
•Bxix / CO2 meter available

PET Beverage Ultra-clean/Aseptic Bottling Line

1. Bottle conveying and sterilization: Empty bottles are conveyed via aseptic air conveyor with HEPA filters to ensure sanitation, and multiple bottle sterilizing I rinsing system keeps bottles extremely dean. No contact between filling valve and bottles.

2. Cap sterilization and conveying: After disinfectant soaking, and then dried by sterile water & air, eventually caps are conveyed to screwer via
3. Beverage sterilization and conveying: Beverage treated by UHT sterilization and received by aseptic tank, then filled in filler block. To ensure the aseptic condition by means of internal & external mirror polished piping, aseptic pipe tie-ins, sanitary /aseptic valves& meters, and no dead angle.

4. Filling environment isolation, purification & preservation: Full-closed isolators on filling system with water seal. FFU and exhaust fan installed at proper air exhaust place. Rinsing area and filling area are isolated by partition board to ensure filling area achieving 100-grade air purification. Environment spouting alternately by spraying balls and nozzles. Roof-type sanitary filler platform to ensure aseptic filling environment.
aseptic channel to keep extremely dean

Beverage Canning Line
Carbonated Soft Drink canning line

Scope of Supply
Automatic bulk can de-palletizer, can rinser, filler & seamer Monobloc, mixer, can warmer, buffer table, coder, level detector, full-automatic carton packer, can / pack conveyor, electrical control system, etc.
Optional Equipment
Empty can rope conveyor, shrink film packer. etc.

Non-Carbonated Beverage Canning Line

Scope of Supply
Automatic bulk can de-palletizer, can rinser, filler & seamer Monobloc, UHT, can cooler, buffer table, coder, level detector,
shrink film packer, full can / pack conveyor, electrical control system, etc.
Optional Equipment
Carton packer, etc.

Processing and CIP

1. Fruit crash/extrusion processing equipment, tea extraction equipment, etc.
2. Sugar dissolving equipment, mainly used to dissolve and filtrate the crystal sugar. The process can be selected as ambient temperature dissolving, or high temperature dissolving.
3. Blending equipment, used for batch preparing of beverages. Prepared beverages will enter the next process.
Homogenization, De-aeration, and Flash Pasteurization equipment mainly used to  process tea, fruit juice, milk, etc.

Turn-key Project for Beverage Plant

1 Boiler system
2 Refrigeration system
3 Air Compressor
4 Generator
5 CO2 System
6 Water Treatment
7 Beverage Processing and CIP
8 Beer Processing
9 Central MCC Room
10 Beer and Beverage Combination Bottling Line
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